Lights, Camera, Action!

Since its inception, the backbone of Inertia Films has been high quality video and film production.    Whether you need a producer, director of photography, sound mixer, camera and lighting gear, or much more, we can accommodate shoots both big and small.  Inertia crews currently work on a variety of television programs, and corporate projects and have received over 125 awards for their efforts.  It is our goal as a company to go the extra mile on every project and hopefully earn your business for years to come.

Production Crew Information

Day Rates Policy

Day Rates Policy

All full day rates are based on 10 hrs. port-to-port; half-day rates are based on five hrs. port-to-port. “Port-to-port” applies to field production and is defined as from when the van leaves Inertia Films offices until it returns to Inertia Films offices. Any shoot exceeding five hours port-to-port is automatically considered a full day rate.

Overtime rates apply when a shoot exceeds 10 hrs. port-to-port. Overtime rates for each additional crew member are calculated at 1.5 times the crew member’s normal day rate. Shoots lasting 12+ hours are subject to double time rates. Overtime rates are billed in 15 minute increments.

As a special concession to our clients, Inertia Films offers 10 hour full day rates, and half-day rates. Many production companies offer only eight hour production days, and do not offer half-day rates. Mileage, tape and/or film stock, studio rental, added crew and equipment will incur additional charges.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Previously confirmed* shoots that are then cancelled are subject to a cancellation fee.

The cancellation policy is as follows:

Confirmed shoots cancelled 25-48 hrs. prior to the scheduled call time = 50% of quoted rate
Confirmed shoots cancelled with 24 hrs. or less notice are subjected to the full quoted rate.

First time clients of Inertia Films are required to provide a Visa or MasterCard credit card number before works begins.  Once the work has begun, our policy is to hold the credit card number for 15 days before actually charging the account.  If payment is received within 15 days of the invoice date, then the credit card is not charged.  If payment is not received within 15 days of the invoice date, only then is the full amount due charged to the credit card.

Note: Clients paying with a credit card having a balance of greater than $100 will be charged an additional 2.5% of their total invoice amount to cover our credit card processing fees.

*A confirmed shoot is one where the client has indicated that the shoot is moving forward and has agreed to the 48hr. and 24hr. cancellation policies.

Standard Production Package

In addition to the camera and audio mixer requested, an Inertia Films van comes with a lighting and grip package comparable to the following list.  For a full list of our gear available for rental, please check our rental gear page.


  • Arri Fresnel Combo Kit (4 fixtures)
  • Chimeras with cloth grid
  • Dedolight or Dedolight 150 kit
  • Litepanels MiniPlus
  • FlexFill Reflector
  • Jelly-Roll with various gels and diffusion
  • Blackwrap


  • Production cart with shelf and tripod caddy
  • Double riser C-stands (3) and “Gary Coleman” stand
  • Sound blankets
  • Full apple box
  • Extension cords, power strips
  • Sandbags, Pony clamps, helicopter clamps, gaffer’s tape

*Individual items in the standard production package  may vary based on availability.
*Lighting items such as Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400, FloLight 1’x1′ LED panel, JokerBug 800 available at an additional charge.

Book Crew

Contact our production manager to request a crew.