Our Work

So why do we do what we do?

Well, if you’re looking to hire a production company for your next project that is a fair question. Over the years our company tagline has become “Inertia Films: Shooting for Passion.” It’s a phrase that I think rings true.

Since 1987 when I started in the video and film business, I have been completely in love. Everything about the business attracts and fascinates me: shot composition, emerging technology, post-production, the people.

When I wake up every morning, I have a genuine sense of excitement about coming to work that day.  I believe it is very important to bring that same excitement to every project whether it’s a corporate video, long-format documentary, or television program.

Since Inertia Films inception in 1993, we have shot literally thousands of projects for almost every imaginable customer. My vision is to leverage that vast experience to help you accomplish your production goals for a given budget. By accomplishing this, we hope to earn your loyalty for life and thus continue to feed our God-given creative desires.

Video and film production is undoubtedly my vocational passion. This passion is the fuel that drives me – and my team – to craft the very best program for our clients. Of all the career paths we could have chosen, video production is the one vocational passion that matters most. After all, at Inertia Films we’re still “shooting for passion.”

A. Troy Thomas
Inertia Films
President & CEO

Our Work